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Ashapower 2500VA 24V Solar MPPT Lithium Pcu Copper TX Inverter

Ashapower 2500VA 24V Solar MPPT Lithium Pcu Copper TX Inverter

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The powerful budget-friendly solar energy extractor for home/office has a connected load capacity of 5 fans, 10+LED lights, iron box, computer, washing machine, refrigerator, TV, laser printer and a low HP induction motor pump when used with 2000watts solar PV panels and 24V 150-200Ah batteries. The integration of a highly efficient MPPT SCC (140Voc/50AMP), and 2.5KVA DSP pure sine wave inverter with a high power grid charger makes it unique in its class.


Salient Features

  • High Power Inverter with MPPT Integration: 140Voc-50Amp-2kwPV load and 2Kw Inverter combination assure continuous daytime heavy load operation without battery disturbance.
  • Standby zero grid power consumption: Once the battery is fully charged frequent relay-controlled isolation of grid power from the charging transformer ensures standby zero grid power consumption saving electricity.
  • Constant noise-free DSP pure sinewave output: Ensures the best life and flicker-free working of digital equipment.
  • Selectable solar/grid priority charging
    Helps customer to select charging mode as to the power conditions of the site
  • Customer control over grid charging ON/OFF
    Blocks battery charging from grid power saving electricity
  • Large 4Line multifunctional LCD front panel display
    Gives detailed and clear system information at a look
  • 3 Soft front panel all function control switches
    Helps easy finger-tip system control and function settings
  • No rocker switches behind the device
    Makes smart front panel hassle-free function and settings control
  • Intelligent true multi-stage smart solar and grid charging
    Bulk, Absorption, Float (User selectable battery charging voltage)
    Ensures prolonged battery backup and life
  • Battery charges even at a low grid voltage
    Suitable for places with low grid voltage areas
  • Customizable solar and grid priority modes
    Helps customer to set the power conditions of the site
  • High overload and surge load handling capacity
    Trouble-free running of loads with initial heavy input surge
  • MCB short circuit protection for grid power
    Ensures system safety and avoids frequent fuse changing
  • Overload, surge and short-circuit protection
    Protects internal component failure
  • All types of battery compatibility
    Supports tubular lead acid, flat, SMF, Gel, local batteries and branded
    Lithium batteries with BMS and active balancer
  • Unique ZMPT-based isolated grid sensing
    Reduces chances of MOSFET failure on lightning and external surges
  • Forced grid to solar mode shifting facility
    It helps customer to use maximum solar energy


Nominal Battery Voltage 24V DC
Transformer Coil 100% Pure Copper
Maximum MPPT tracking efficiency 2000Wp
Max. Applicable PV Panel Voc 140V
Maximum solar Charging Current 50Amps (selectable)
Solar MPPT battery charging stages Bulk-Absorption-Float
Maximum MPPT tracking efficiency 98.9%
No load battery Power Consumption 0.7AMP +.3
Grid power battery charging stages Bulk, Absorption, Float
Maximum grid battery charging current 4 AMP TO 20AMP(selectable)
Standby grid Power Consumption Zero at idle stage
Humidity 0 to 90% RH (No dew)
Operating temperature -20 degrees to 65 degrees C
Storage temperature -30 degrees to 80 degrees C
Overload Protection From PV Pane YES
Over Charge Protection from grid and solar YES
Panel Reverse Polarity Protection YES
Battery Reverse Polarity Protection Optional
Dimensions – L x W x H (cm) 43X19.6X33.5
Net Weight (Kgs) / Gross Weight (Kgs) 23Kgs/24.65Kg
Connectors 6Way Input/Output Terminal block
Display 4 Line LC-Display

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