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Luminous Optimus 2800+ 2500VA Inverter; Smarten MPPT Solar PCU Kit 50Amp 24 Volt

Luminous Optimus 2800+ 2500VA Inverter; Smarten MPPT Solar PCU Kit 50Amp 24 Volt

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Product details

Luminous Optimus 2800+ is a Super Inverter which can run various high capacity loads like Fridge, Washing Machine, Water Pump, Photocopiers etc. It is Super because of its Super Design, Super Connectivity & Super Technology. Optimus is an inverter with unmatchable performance and is ideal for residence, offices and commercial purpose.

By adding Smarten MPPT Solar Controller this combination becomes Super Solar Combo. Because it smart controller add feature of smart solar power conditioning unit and you can use solar power through which inverters batteries get charged, you will get Power Backup from Solar Panels. Now you dont need to spend extra on purchasing complete solar pcu because it simply converts non-solar inverter into Smart Solar PCU that gives priority to solar power automatically and save your electricity bills.

This Combo kit has latest MPPT solar power conditioning technology. It is currently the best choice with unmatched output power of 2.5 kVA with 2x 12Volt Batteries. 

Solar Controller Features:

  • Mppt Technology Solar Controller makes the system 30% MORE Efficient
  • Selectable 4 levels for battery’s Depth of Discharge on Solar Controller to control battery levels
  • User Friendly LCD Display, Function buttons on Solar Controller
  • Max Panels Support upto 1500-1800 Watts (325/380/400 Watts / 24Volt Panels

Optimus 2800+ Inverter Features:

  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • Capacity : 2500VA /24V
  • Rated Power : 2000 W
  • Supports 2 unit of 12V lead acid battery. To be purchased separately.
  • Advanced LCD display shows Inverter battery performance statistics
  • User selectable output voltage (200V-240V) and charging current (8A-21A) for optimized performance
  • Low voltage battery charging begins from 95V and fast charging from 135V input supply
  • Mains By pass switch for supplying output directly from grid in case of a fault in Inverter
  • Supports all Battery types (Flat, Tubular and SMF) and all battery capacities (80Ah-220Ah)
  • 24 Month Warranty "

Technical Specifications


2.5 kVA

Solar charge controller


Max. panel support

1500 - 1800 watts panels

Max. PV voltage

85 volt

No. of batteries required

2 (80 - 220 Ah)

Display type



 Contents: 1x Luminous Optimus 2800+ Inverter, 1x Smarten MPPT Solar Converter


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