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Solar Converter DIY Kit; Smarten 50Amp SMU 12/24V MPPT Charge Controller with 2x Poly Panels Combo

Solar Converter DIY Kit; Smarten 50Amp SMU 12/24V MPPT Charge Controller with 2x Poly Panels Combo

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Do you know? Your home inverter is increasing your Electricity bill !

When Electricity is present, Home Inverter works as Battery charger, it Stores the power into Battery Bank which consume electricity (units) & leads to increase your Electricity Bill.

Now you can use solar converter-Kit which will convert your Home Inverter to Smart Solar PCU, it will use free source of energy i.e SOLAR ENERGY to charge the battery and also provide power backup when sufficient sun energy is available. Means you will save electricity for charging battery and running your appliances.

Smarten Prime+ is an Solar Management Unit which gives priority to battery charging. It charges the battery using available solar power and when charging is complete it turns off AC/Electricity power and your existing inverter power connected appliances using


  • MPPT 12/24v Automatic 30/50Amps
  • 4 Stage Charging: Bulk, Absorption, Float & Equalize
  • Supports LA/SMF/Tubular/Solar. Does not support GEL/AGM
  • Complete Protection, Reverse PV, Battery Low, Battery Deep Discharge and High Temp.
  • Higher Efficiency, Wall Mounting, Power Saving on Display



Details: Smarten Prime+ MPPT Solar Charge Controller is the best MPPT Charge Controller that extracts 100% power from panels and boosts current. HoweverPWM Solar charge controller, doesn't extract full power from panels.As a result, it can be used with 18v, 24v or 40v Solar Panels on 12v or 24v battery.

It supports LA, SMF, Tubular, Solar batteries and with 4 stage charging (Bulk, Absorption, Float & Equalize), it performs controlled charges and ensures longer battery life. In MPPT vs PWM test, MPPT charge controller circuit has >95% efficiency.

How does a solar charge controller work?

This solar MPPT charge controller has been designed for Load Shedding mode, and you can connect your existing inverter or ups with it. When the battery voltage reaches 14.5, it would disconnect your inverter so that entire load runs on battery. In evening, when solar power is low or battery voltage is below set DOD, it will turn on mains so that battery remains charged.


  • Great Power Saving up to 20%
  • User Friendly Interface
  • 100% Solar Priority
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Supports LA/SMF/Tubular/Solar.

Package Contents: 1x

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