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UTL 2.5kW On-Grid Inverter UTL 2.5 F1 GT (Grid Tie Single Phase)

UTL 2.5kW On-Grid Inverter UTL 2.5 F1 GT (Grid Tie Single Phase)

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Product details

Model Number- UTL 2.5 F1 GT

Product Features-

  • High Performance : Low start-up voltage, wide voltage range, 97.4% maximum efficiency.
  • IP65 Rated : Engineered to last with maximum flexibility. Suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Remote Monitoring : Monitor your system remotely via smartphone app of web portal.


UTL Grid Tie Inverter are power inverter that can feed power from solar panels directly to grid. They are designed to quickly disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down (anti-islanding).

The transformer-less design makes UTL GTI highly efficient to deliver maximum Solar Power.

Inbuilt MPPT charge controller extracts upto 30% more power from the panels. 

IP 65 Protection: IP 65 certified product hence it is suitable for outdoor Installation also. It can work in extreme weather conditions such as dust, heavy rains, excessive heat or extreme cold.

Anti-Islanding protection: This does not send electricity to grid if Grid has failed, thereby ensures complete safety of line workers.

Wi-Fi and Remote Monitoring: Users can connect with UTL GTI using Wi-Fi and access information and diagnostics via smartphone.


Technical Data UTL 2.5 F1 GT
PV String Input Data
Max. DC Input Power (W) 3250
Max. DC Input Voltage (V) 550
MPPT Range (V) 50-550V
Start-up Voltage (V) 60
MPPT Range for Full Load (V) 360-550
Nominal DC Input Voltage (V) 360
Max. Input Current (A) 12.5
Max. Short Current (A) 15
No. MPP Trackers 1
No. of Input Strings per Tracker 1
AC Output Data
Nominal Output Power (W) 2500
Max. Output Apparent Power (VA) 2750
Nominal Output Voltage (V) 220/230/240
Nominal Output Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Max. Output Current (A)

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