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Luminous Solar NXG PRO 1kVA Mppt PCU Inverter UPS Review - Price in India

by Er. Ravikant Berry, 25 Mar 2023

The Luminous Solar NXG PRO 1kVA Inverter UPS is a popular solar-powered inverter that provides a clean and efficient energy solution in areas with unreliable power supply. In this review, we'll take a closer look at its features and benefits.

Let’s see some of its technical details.

Luminous nxg pro review and price

Technical Specifications


1 kVA (1000VA) 800 Watts

Inbuilt charge controller


Max. panel support

1000 watts panel

Input Voc Range

35-55 volt

No. of batteries required

12v and 24v both models available

(40 Ah – 220 Ah)



Based on our testing, we found up to 3 or 3.9 units saving every day and up to 2 units in the rainy or winter season. Consider installing solar panels on an open roof without any shadows.

One of the advantages of the Luminous Solar NXG PRO 1kVA Inverter UPS is its compatibility with various types of batteries, including lead-acid, tubular, and flat-plate batteries & available in 12V as well as 24V (2x 12V Batteries option) variants. This makes it a versatile option for users who want to use different types of batteries based on their preferences and requirements.

Another noteworthy feature of this Solar inverter is its inbuilt MPPT solar charge controller, which ensures quick and efficient charging of batteries. The controller helps optimize the charging process by adjusting the charge current and voltage based on the battery's state of charge, thus increasing the lifespan of the battery and ensuring maximum energy efficiency.

The Luminous Solar NXG PRO Inverter PCU also comes with a user-friendly digital display that provides real-time information on the battery level, charging status, and power consumption. The display also shows the amount of solar energy being generated and consumed, helping users monitor their energy usage and make informed decisions to optimize the system.

Safety is also a top priority with this solar inverter, as it comes with advanced safety features that protect against short circuits, overloading, and other electrical faults. This makes it a safe and reliable option for households, offices, and other commercial settings.

What it Can Run?
To be clear, it would be based on your setup with solar panels. Here we are listing out our test configuration:

Luminous NXG Pro 1kVA 12V Solar PCU Inverter
Luminous 150 Ah Solar Battery
445W Solar Panels: 890 Watts (Almost maxed out)
Waaree (Mono-perc half-cut) x 2 Panels = 890 Watts
10 SQ MM DC Wire (recommended up to 1200 watts) for all the connections

TIP: NXG Pro is suggested for low-consumption homes, so put heavy-load appliances like AC, Water heater or Submersible pump on direct mains only. Where the indirect mains line is the mains line which is connected to the solar inverter itself and only the selected load is connected like fan, lights, laptop, TV or Fridge etc. we run the following appliances on the solar system completely.

luminous solar panels

30 Watts x 3 LED Tube = 90 Watts (Used only at night)
10 Watts x 5 LED Bulb = 50 Watts (Used only at night)
50 Watts x 3 Ceiling Fans = 150 Watts (Only 1 or 2 fans are running at a time)
190 Watts x 1 Fridge = 190 Watts (Inverter Technology fridge)
200 Watts x (TV, Speaker, and related used equipment)
100 Watts extra for all mobile, and laptop charging.

Practically all the appliances are rarely used at once. Only 300-400 watts of power are utilized most of the time.

So, according to usage, one can easily use juicer mixer grinders in the kitchen or Coolers in summer.

Overall, this is really a decent Solar Inverter or PCU if you want to install one by yourself or with the help of a technician. If you have any questions regarding this solar inverter do contact Urbanurja Support Team between working hours.

Luminous Solar NXG Pro Solar Inverter UPS is an efficient and eco-friendly solution that offers backup power during outages, helps reduce electricity bills, and provides a versatile and reliable energy solution for users. With its compatibility with various types of batteries, user-friendly digital display, inbuilt solar charge controller, and remote data monitoring features, it is a smart investment for those in need of a solar-powered inverter.