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Anchor Panasonic - 450 Watt Mono Perc Crystalline HALF CUT cells solar panel (Pack of 2)

Anchor Panasonic - 450 Watt Mono Perc Crystalline HALF CUT cells solar panel (Pack of 2)

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Product details

Brand: Anchor Panasonic

Color: Black (Mono Perc HC)

Anchor Panasonic Mono PERC half cut technology results in higher yield from solar panels with reduced internal current losses, lower temperature losses and better performance during low light conditions. These modules offer superior ammonia and salt mist resistance, higher wind load resistance and lowest degradation rates year on year. Anchor Panasonic - AE14H450XVHC9B is an 450 Watts 24V (9 BUS BAR) 144 Cells, Half Cut solar panel.


  • SPECIAL CELL DESIGN: The unique cell design leads to reduced electrodes resistance and smaller current, thus enables higher fill factor. Meanwhile, it can reduce losses of mismatch and cell wear, and increase total reflection.
  • IP68 RATED JUNCTION BOX: IP68 rated junction box ensures an outstanding waterproof level, supports on the cables. High reliable performance, low resistance connectors ensure maximum output for the highest energy production.
  • High Power Output: Compared to 158.75mm module, the power output can increase 25W-30W
  • High PID resistant: Advanced cell technology and qualified materials lead to high resistance to PID
  • Excellent weak light performance: More power output in weak light condition, such as haze, cloudy, and morning
  • Lower Operating Temperature: Lower operating temperature and temperature coefficient increases the power output.
  • Extended load tests: Module certified to withstand front side maximum static test load (5400 Pascal) and rear side maximum static test loads (3800 Pascal)*
  • Withstanding Harsh Environment: Reliable quality leads to better sustainability even in harsh environment like desert and coastal area 


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Maximum Power at STC (Pmax) 24V/450Wp (-0 to +3%)
Open circuit Voltage (Voc) 49.2V
Voltage at maximum power (Vmp) 41.4V
Short Circuit current (Isc) 11.61A
Current at maximum power (Imp)