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Ashapower Solar MPPT Charge Controller NEON 40 HV : 12/24/36/48V : 40A Voc : 185V

Ashapower Solar MPPT Charge Controller NEON 40 HV : 12/24/36/48V : 40A Voc : 185V

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Product details

This product converts an existing ups / inverter into a solar hybrid inverter. The charge controller is built on MPPT Technology, the current rating capacity is 40 Amps and voltage rating is 12-24-36-48 volt. (means, it can be used to convert 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V inverters to Solar PCU)

ASHAPOWER NEON-40 HV Ver. 7.5 MPPT charge controller is a multi-voltage range device with unique features. The same device can be used for charging 1 battery (12V ) to a battery bank of 4x12V(48V) in series. The device automatically detects and configures itself to the connected battery bank. The high Voc range (open circuit voltage) of the device makes it easier to group the PV panels conveniently. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology of the charge controller optimizes the maximum power production from the connected PV panel array. Also, sleek & stylish design of the product gives a better aesthetic view so that it can be mounted the product in a visible place inside your home or office.

  • Compatible for 12V/24V/36V/48V battery bank
  • Auto-detection and self setting of battery bank
  • 4 stage smart charging for prolonged battery life (Bulk-Absorption-Float-Equalization),Programmable Initial limited ampere battery charging facility
  • Ultra-fast & efficient power point tracking(98.9%)
  • dsPIC33EP family micro controller based devices
  • PV panel reverse polarity protection, Automatic disconnection of PV panels at night
  • Over voltage and overload protection from PV panels
  • 14 menu user programmable function settings and inbuilt settings keys
  • Grid power control to the connected inverter (SMU-Solar Management Unit)
  • Multifunction status display


Battery Volt
Max PV Voltage Range (VoC)
Max PV Panels Supported (in Watts) Max PV Panels Supported (in Watts)
36 VOC (260W PANEL) X 2 IN SERIES= 72 VOC = 520W 600W
50-165V 36 VOC (260W PANEL) X 2 IN SERIES =72 VOC X 2STRINGS IN PARALLEL = 1040W 1200W
47 VOC (335W PANEL) X 2 IN SERIES = 94 VOC X
100-185V 47 VOC (335W PANEL) X 3 IN SERIES = 141 VOC X 2STRINGS IN PARALLEL = 2010W 2100W


User Manual: Download

Contents: 1x AshaPower NEON 40HV

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