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Crompton Greaves Emotron Solar VFD; VSR48017 10HP Motor Pump AC Drive

Crompton Greaves Emotron Solar VFD; VSR48017 10HP Motor Pump AC Drive

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Product details

Suraj - Emotron VSR series drives offer reliable, cost-efficient and user-friendly operation. Soft start of pumps can avoid water hammer and improve lifetime of the system. The compatibility of VSR with ac as well as dc input gives user the flexibility to optimize the operation and improve reliability of operation. The function of dormant state at weak light, wake up at strong light, high water level dormant state, under-load pre-warning and other control protection functions can ensure normal operation of water pumps under changing operating conditions.


The Emotron VSR series has been specially developed for solar water pumping. Built-in self-adaptive high accuracy maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm of VSR ensures maximum water flow output.

Thanks to variety of specially designed features of VSR, it is truly the answer to your needs.


Unique Features

  • Optimized and compact structural design, leading technology platform
  • Standard LED display
  • Supports both Induction Motor and Permanent Magnet Motor
  • Heavy duty Drive for various applications
  • Built-in brake chopper
  • High-speed pulse input
  • Strong overload capability with 200% of rated load for 1 sec
  • Built-in PLC Logic Functions, Virtual Digital I/Os with multi Logic functions, Timer and comparators
  • Built-in C3 Class EMC Filter
  • Emo Wizard tool for convenient debugging


  • Excellent performance with high start torque characteristic
  • Efficient cooling, improved reliability with independent air duct design

 Technical Specifications:

 AC 380V & DC 540V Input Supply



Heavy Duty ( 150%, 1min every 10min)

Support 10HP Water Pump ()
Recommended Solar Panel Array [kW]11.0
Max. DC Current30A
Output Current17A
Motor kW
7.5 (IM, PMSM*)
Dimensions [W*H*D] in mm249x146x181.7




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