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Electrower MPPT Solar PCU 1KVA Inverter; 25.6V in-built Lithium Battery

Electrower MPPT Solar PCU 1KVA Inverter; 25.6V in-built Lithium Battery

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Product details


  • Lithium 1kVA MPPT Solar PCU designed to extract maximum power from Solar Panels to save electricity bills
  • Lithium 1kVA: it has an in-built Lithium Battery


Unique Features

  • DSP-Based Pure Sine Wave Design.
  • Fast Charging (70% Charge in 1 hour)
  • Zero Battery Maintenance
  • VoC 35-50V
  • Copper Transformer
  • Inbuilt rMPPT Charge Controller (30% more efficient).
  • Maximum Power Preference to Solar Energy.
  • Digital LCD (16X2) Display.
  • Priority-Based Working Modes - Smart/PCU/Hybrid.
  • Reverse AC Voltage Protection.
  • Robust Design-20 years of Product Life
  • 2 Years of warranty on Inverter
  • 3 Years Warranty on Battery


Special Features:

Extensive electronic protection
Lithium Solar PCU ensures safety, prevents reverse flow from the battery to the solar array, provides load short circuit protection, solar battery through DC fuse, overload protection, input low or high, output low/high or solar panel provides reverse protection.

Utilizes maximum power available from the solar panel
The Lithium solar PCU senses the point of full power available in the solar panel and charges the battery with this maximum power. Therefore, at any given time the battery is charged with the maximum possible power.

LCD display
It has an LCD display for a better user interface that displays battery voltage, current charge, current discharging current, output voltage, output frequency, output load percentage, input voltage, input frequency, solar voltage, solar current and solar energy.


 System Rating 1kVA
Operating DC Voltage 25.6 Volt (in-built 42Ah Lithium Battery) 1075 Watts
Maximum PV Power Recommended 1kW
PV Input Voltage (VoC) 36-90 >=98%
Solar Charge Controller Technology MPPT
Total In-built Charge Controller 1 no.
Switching Element IGBT
Controller DSP
Efficiency 98%
Max Load Current 3.5 AMP
Grid Charging Option Available
MCB for AC in-built
Output Waveform Sinewave
Output Supply Phase 1 Ph IN & OUT
IT Load/UPS Mode Available
Output Voltage Low 185
Output Voltage High 255
Nominal Frequency 50Hz
Noise @ 1Mtr 50dB

Contents: 1x Electrower Lithium 1kVA Solar PCU (in-built Battery)

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