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Smarten Trendy plus 2525VA 24V MPPT Solar Pcu Inverter

Smarten Trendy plus 2525VA 24V MPPT Solar Pcu Inverter

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Product details

Smarten Trendy+ 2525 is an off-grid solar power conditioning unit (PCU) it has in-built 50Amp advanced maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology-based charge controller.


The solar PCU is designed for commercial spaces and can run a 1-ton 5star inverter technology air-conditioner. Its advanced priority feature allows users to choose between solar, batteries, or grid power. DC-to-AC conversion efficiency is 88%-90%. 


  • SELECTABLE 4 levels for battery’s DEPTH OF DISCHARGE
  • Max Panels Support upto 1800 Watts (VoC 100V)
  • Able to run 1HP Water Motor Pump (Tested Brands: Lubi, Havells, Kirloskar, Usha etc)



Technical Specifications

Mains AC low cut UPS mode 175VAC + 10VAC
Mains AC low cut recovery  UPS mode 185VAC + 1OVAC
Mains AC high cut UPS mode 265VAC + 10VAC
Mains AC high cut recovery UPS mode 255VAC + 1OVAC
Mains AC low cut WUPS mode 90VAC + 1OVAC
Mains AC low cut recovery W.UPS mode 11OVAC + 1OVAC
Mains AC high cut WUPS mode 295VAC + 10VAC
Mains AC high cut recovery W.UPS mode 285VAC + 1OVAC
Input Frequency Range 48Hz to 52Hz
Voltage Output in Mains Mode Same as input
Mains Charging Enable/Disable Yes Provided,you can set by front switch
Frequency Output in Mains Mode Same as input
Battery Type LA/ Tubular/ SMF
DC input voltage 24V
Battery Quantity 12V 100Ah to 220Ah 2
Float charging voltage 27.4V±0.2V
Boost charging voltage for LA Battery 28V±0.,3V
Boost charging voltage for Tubular and SMF Battery 28.8V±0.3V
Bulk Absorption Battery Voltage 29.6±0.2V
Battery  deep Discharge Recovery Yes (Independent Charger to Recover Deep Discharge Battery)
Charging Current By Grid 15A±3A
Output voltage 220VAC±1O%
Output frequency 50Hz ± 0.2 Hz
Output waveform Pure Sine Wave s 5% THD
No Load current <1.8A
Capacity 2525VA
Discharging current @ full load 7OA ± 2A
Low Battery Warning 21.6V±0.2V
Low Battery Cut 20.8V±0.2V
Change over time UPS mode < 10msec
Change over time WUPS mode < 25msec
Switching Element MOSFET
Cooling Temp. Controlled Fan
Overload in backup mode Yes provided, system will indicate on display at 101% load
Shon Circuit in Backup Mode System will shutdown after 3 - retries in case of output shon circuit
Short Circuit in Mains Mode Mains MCB will trip
Back feed System will shutdown in case of back feed and there is no retry
Over  temperature Yes provided, if heat sink temperature goes above 100°C System will shut down
Reverse  Battery DC fuse will blown
Phase to Phase protection in mains mode Yes provided by electronic
Solar Charge Controller type MPPT
Max Panel wattage can be connected 1800WATT
Maximum PV Voltage 100±2V
Maximum Battery  current 50Amp.
Efficiency > 93%
Reverse  PV protection Yes provided, it will also display on LCD panel
Switches Menu(Select),up,Down,Esc.
Reverse  current flow to PV Yes provided
Sharing of current when PV and Grid Both are available If PV power is not sufficient enough to charge the battery, system will start sharing battery
charging from PV and grid.
DOD definition(Depth of Discharge) Mains will be connect when battery voltage reach at defined value of the battery voltage.
DOD  (Depth of Discharge) 20%- if battery voltage is 25.0v±0.2V
  30%- if battery voltage is 24.0v±0.2V
  40%- if battery voltage is 23.0v+0.2V
  50%- if battery voltage is 22.0v±0.2V


LCD Initial Display Welcome, SMARTEN Website Address, System Capacity, Charging Till 90VAC and Deep Discharge Battery,
System Setting, UPS / WUPS mode, I/P range 90-295VAC/ 170-265VAC, Battery Type Selected LA
/ SMF / Tubular, DOD.
LCD Status Display Mains ON, Input Voltage, Input Frequency, Battery Voltage, Battery Charging, Battery Charged, Charging Current, Backup Mode, UPS ON, UPS OFF, Battery Voltage, Load %, Output Voltage, Output Frequency, Battery Current, PV Current,PV Voltage.
Mains Low Cut, Mains High Cut, Mains Not Available, Mains Frequency Cut
LCD Fault/ Protection Status Display Mains Fuse Blown / MCB Trip, Shon Circuit, Overload, Battery Low, High Temperature, Back feed
Buzzer Mains Fuse Blown / MCB Trip, Shon Circuit, Overload, Battery Low, High Temperature, Back feed
HV Test Input to Eanh Leakage current <5mA when 1.5kV applied for 1 min
HV Test Output to Earth Leakage current <5mA when 1.5kV applied for 1 min
IR Test Input to Earth >5 between @ 5OOVDC
IR Test Output to Earth >5 between @ 5OOVDC
Earth Leakage current in Mains mode < 2.5mA
Earth Leakage current in Backup mode < 2.5mA
Operating Temperature 0°C  to 50°C
Storage  Temperature O°C  to 50°C
Operating Relative Humidity 90% Non-Condensing
Dimensions in cm 42.5X31.5X33.5
Weight (Kg) 25


Made with high grade quality, technically advanced Trendy Solar PCU is an innovative solar inverter, that gives you the joy of uninterrupted power supply. It's is packed with exciting features like LCD Screen, Advanced DSP Controller and more.

Backed by Smarten's impeccable solar panels, the Superb PCU is 30% more efficient than usual PCUs. It comes with 4 levels of battery's depth of discharge options for your different power requirements. With low voltages charging, 10 ms changeover time and triple protection, it completely cancels the need to maintain separate power back up system for powering equipment.

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