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UTL Gamma Plus MPPT solar PCU Inverter 1kVA / 12V Pure Sinewave UPS

UTL Gamma Plus MPPT solar PCU Inverter 1kVA / 12V Pure Sinewave UPS

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Product details

UTL Gamma plus mppt solar inverter is an perfect Inverter for home with in-built mppt solar charge controller of 40 Amp which supports upto 1,000 watts of solar panel. It supports both 12 or 24 volt solar panel. MPPT technology produces up to 30% more electricity as compared to PWM technology.



यू टी ल कंपनी का गामा सोलर इन्वर्टर 12 Volt एम्-पि-पि-टी सोलर इन्वर्टर है ! मार्किट में अकेला ऐसा इन्वर्टर है जो एक (12 Volt) बैटरी से चलता है और 24 Volt के सोलर पैनल से बैटरी जल्दी चार्ज करता है और दिन में जब सूरज होता है तब आपको सोलर पावर से बैकअप भी देता है और रात को एक नार्मल इन्वर्टर की तरह काम करता है !

Technical Specifications


1 kVA (1000VA) 800 Watts

Inbuilt charge controller

rapid MPPT

Max. panel support

1000 watts panel

Input Voc Range

15-49.5 volt

No. of batteries required

1 (40 Ah – 220 Ah)

Display type

Multi-color LCD



Download product user manual here.



  • DSP base design built in MPPT solar charge controller
  • Most advanced LCD features
  • Capability of 100% panel rating
  • Compatible with all PV arrays having different no. of cells.(36 cell/60 cell/72 cell)
  • High efficiency MPPT and Inverter

UTL Gamma+ 1000VA rMPPT Solar Inverter

  • Gamma+ 1000VA 12V gives you output of 220V AC / 800 Watts / 1kVA with 1x 12 Volt Battery size from 40Ah to 220Ah
  • 40Amp in-built MPPT Charge Controller Support: 12 or 24 Volt Panels

1kW panels of 12/24v can be connect (in parallel) as per following:

 MONO / POLY 12/24V
1 to 3 panels 315 - 400 Watts 24V
1 to 4 panels 220 - 265 Watts 24 Volt
1 to 5 panels  100 - 125 Watts 12V
  • Gamma+ comes with Digital colored back-light display which shows all the data
  • Settings can be customized easily
  • Compatible with Diesel Generator, IT Load mode turn on UPS feature
  • PCU Mode for Urban areas with less power cuts
  • SMART mode is for Semi Urban areas with power cuts
  • HYBRID mode is for Rural areas with maximum power cuts

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