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UTL Gamma Plus MPPT solar PCU Inverter 1kVA 24V Pure Sinewave UPS

UTL Gamma Plus MPPT solar PCU Inverter 1kVA 24V Pure Sinewave UPS

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Product details

UTL Gamma + is a perfect Inverter for home with in-built mppt solar charge controller 0f 40Amp which supports upto 1,000 watts of solar panel. It supports 24 volt solar panel. MPPT technology produces up to 30% more electricity as compared to PWM technology  


Technical Specifications


1 kVA (1000VA)

Inbuilt charge controller

rapid MPPT

Max. panel support

1000 watt panels

Max. PV voltage

45-90 volt

No. of batteries required

2 (40 Ah – 220 Ah)

Display type



Download product user manual here.


  • DSP base design built in MPPT solar charge controller
  • Most advanced LCD features
  • Capability of 100% panel rating
  • Compatible with all PV arrays having different no. of cells.(36 cell/60 cell/72 cell)
  • High efficiency MPPT and Inverter

UTL Gamma+ 1000VA rMPPT Solar Inverter

  • Gamma+ 1000VA 24V gives you output of 220V AC / 850 Watts / 1kVA with 2x 12 Volt Battery size from 40Ah to 220Ah
  • 40Amp in-built MPPT Charge Controller Support: 24 Volt Panels

1kW panels of 24v can be connect as per following:

 MONO / POLY 12/24V
1 to 2 Panels Mono Perc / Half Cut  440 - 550 Watts 24V
1 to 3 panels Mono Perc 350 - 410 Watts 24V
1 to 3 panels Poly 320 - 340 Watts 24 Volt
  • Gamma+ comes with Digital colored back-light display which shows all the data
  • Settings can be customized easily
  • Compatible with Diesel Generator, IT Load mode turn on UPS feature
  • PCU Mode for Urban areas with less power cuts
  • SMART mode is for Semi Urban areas with power cuts
  • HYBRID mode is for Rural areas with maximum power cuts

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