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UTL Heliac 3750 24Volt Solar Pcu PWM Inverter

UTL Heliac 3750 24Volt Solar Pcu PWM Inverter

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Buy UTL Heliac 3750 24V Solar Inverter


• UTL Heliac 3750 is a 24V PWM Solar Inverter for Home and Office both

• You can install maximum 10 x Solar Panels of 320/330/335Watts 24V (60Amp PWM)

• Solar battery 2pcs of 100 / 120 / 150 / 200 AH is recommended.

• 24v Solar Panels of all brands are compatible.

• Contents: 1pc of UTL Heliac 3750/24V (2 Years Onsite Warranty by UTL)



  • Heliac 3750: Capacity 3000VA
  • Operating DC Voltage: 24V
  • Switching Element: Mosfet
  • Max Output Current: 9.3AMP
  • Panels Voc: 31V - 49.5V
  • Max Panels Supported: 2000W
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • Operating Modes: Smart/PCU/Hybrid
  • IT Mode: Enable/Disable
  • DG Mode: Enable/Disable
  • Output Waveform: Sinewave
  • Solar Charge Controller: PWM
  • Warranty: 2 Years by UTL Solar (onsite)  


Details: UTL Heliac 3750 / 24V is a Smart Solar PCU Hybrid Sinewave Inverter designed for 24V (2 x 12v Battery) operation. Successfully tested for 1HP or 1.5HP Power Water Pump Motor or major brands, 1.5Ton 5Star Inverter AC after 2023 make.



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