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UTL MPPT SMU Solar Charge Controller 40 Amps, 12-24V

UTL MPPT SMU Solar Charge Controller 40 Amps, 12-24V

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Product details

This product converts an existing ups / inverter into a solar hybrid inverter. The charge controller is built on MPPT Technology, the current rating capacity is 40 amps and voltage rating is 24-48 volt.

  • supports Up to 1200 watt panel on double battery, and 600 watts of panel on single battery system
  • works with 12 volt and 24 volt battery inverter system
  • LCD display


Model SMUMPPT122440
Nominal System Voltage 12V DC 24V DC
Max. Battery Capacity 200Ah
Battery Charging Regulation Method 3 Stage (Bulk/Absorption/Float)
Solar Charger Type MPPT
Solar Panel (MAX) 600W 1200W

315W/325W/330W/335W X2 (Parallel)

390W / 400W / 450W / 500W / 550W / 595W X1

150W/165W Series X2 (Parallel)

200W / 215W / 220W Series X2

315W/325W/330W/335W X4 (Parallel)

390W / 400W / 450W X3 Parallel

500W / 550W / 595W X2 Parallel

Battery Current Max 40 Amp


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